For those who want to assist in the restoration of the monastery, we inform our bank details:

Branch number 8630 of Sberbank of Russia, Pskov
c / acc. number 30101810300000000602
BIC 045805602
p / acc. number 40703810651010100937
INN 6017009651 KPP 601701001
OKONH 96130 OKPO 02810364

Or postal order to the following address:

182648, Pskov Region, Porkhov district Dubrovensky parish, p / o Zagoska, der. Lyubovets, Holy Annunciation Monastery Nikandrovsky.

As beginning (the first years of the monastery)

The oldest document which shows the beginning of the monastery, can be considered among the scrolls had been kept Nikandrov's monastery "obelnuaya" charter of Tsar Feodor Ivanovich. It is dated December 7106 (1598) year. Been issued to the first abbot Nikandrova desert Isaiah. This diploma freed for ever from the monastery land taxes, fixing him wasteland, arable land and fish catching "in Porkhov county in the Michael churchyard."

Hard the life of the first inhabitants who were forced to work tirelessly on the difficult obedience, suffering deprivation desert.

Abode often subjected to external dangers from the "fire, sword, and the invasion of strange." In 1665, the Poles, who broke into the foray Pskov and Novgorod regions, ravaged and plundered the monastery, the monks beaten and captured the abbot, who was with them for about a year.

Eight years later, on March 31, 1673 monastery almost completely burned. Harrowing circumstances forced the abbot to request for help from the God-loving Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, who granted the monastery lot wasteland that was being stored behind it and in the following years until the 1917 coup. This greatly strengthened the financial position of the monastery.

The peak of the monastery

Special elevation and desert landscaping was required at the beginning of the XIX century the Highest mercy of Pavel Petrovich and diligence Archimandrite Gennady.
In 1800, the desert has been ranked as the Chapter of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, with an annual of pension of 2000 rubles.

Its full flowering desert Nikandrova reached during rector Archimandrite Ignatius Vasiliev (1853-1870), who had a wealth of experience in the governorship of two famous monasteries - St. Petersburg Sergius and Novgorod Yuriev Hermitage, famous for living in her Bishop Ignatius Bryanchaninov with whom Archimandrite Ignatius were most friendly relations.

The Soviet period

To save the monastery under the rule of the godless regime, fathers and brothers of the monastery in 1918 organized a "commune Annunciation", under the guise of which the monastery continued to serve God and people, surviving in its present form.

9 November 1928 formed a decision on the final disposition of the monastery and the evacuation of the remaining monks. Construction of the monastery was sold 13th Light Armored Brigade, based at the edge of Porkhov, for scrapped. The stones from the destroyed churches and monastic buildings were used for the construction of a military camp. Military town was destroyed of the German aircraft in the first days of the war.

Revival of monastery

By the end of the 1990s, desert represented a heap of ruins, overgrown with forest. In 2000, the Archbishop of Pskov and Velikoluksky Eusebius has prompted a renewal of monastic life in the desert. In 2002, with the blessing of the Archbishop of Pskov and the Saints Eusebius Velikoluksky gates erected and consecrated the first wooden church in honor of the Mother of God "Perishing." Far from it built a church in honor of the Holy Royal Martyrs. For several years, reborn from the ruins of the main temple of the monastery - the Cathedral of the Annunciation. The fall of 2010, the first episcopal service in the reconstructed Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Brethren of the monastery asked the holy prayers and support of all people of faith.

Interesting fact

Never ending Psalter

In a temple in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "Perishing" read never ending Psalter for the living and the dead.

Video tour of the Nikandrov's monastery

Pskov's eparchy, Holy Annunciation's Nikandrov's hermitage, 2012-19